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Gun Dog training in wigan

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professional Dog training in wigan and the northwest

Are you a modern dog parent? Do you want to learn how to speak more dog? As a qualified experienced reward based dog trainer studying advanced canine behaviour and canine behaviour adjustment training we can help you strengthen your connection, strengthen a relationship built on trust and help you build a confident canine.

How we work – We believe that training doesn’t have to feel like training. it should be enjoyable for all involved. We teach you, the human part of the team to train and understand your dog better. We look at the underlying emotions causing the unwanted behaviours. We adapt training to the individual and train in environments suitable to that dogs learning needs. Training isn’t a one size fits all process. We use positive reinforcement and address the underlying emotions so training is effective.

We specialise in
puppy training classes wigan
Fun Gundog
Predation Substitute training –  Behaviour modification for dogs with high prey drives.
Dog training classes

Private one to one dog training sessions for various training and canine behaviour issues such as reactivity, separation anxiety, recall, loose lead, obedience, calm greetings, confidence building, polite behaviour and much more

We run work shops such as scent work fun pet gundog (Based on the institute of modern dog trainers IMDT Petdog gundog) and predation substitute games, puppy socialisation and training group walks. Does your dog like to chase? We have a special interest in predation substitute training after owning a variety of high drive dogs ourselves.

Start your  journey towards building a stronger more fulfilling partnership with your dog today – Schedule a free 15 min consultation with us. We will discuss your specific needs and explore the potential next steps. We can then design a training program to set you and your dog up for success.

Puppy Training

Reward based dog training for the modern dog parent

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