Dog and Puppy Training in Wigan and Chorley areas

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We currently offer indoor and outdoor group classes in Wigan and Chorley

We keep class sizes small to ensure we can provide individual attention. Whilst we teach a set curriculum we like to ensure that every attendee benefits from the program and adapt our teaching accordingly.

We currently offer Puppy and Tricky teens. A progression level one, two and three and Fun Gun Dog

Some of the things we cover in the classes:

  • The basics – Sit/Stay/Down/Settle etc.
  • fun gundog / pet gundog
  • predation substitute training
  • Loose lead walking
  • Recall
  • Obedience 
  • Handling
all the things you need for a well behaved dog.

if you are a client of ours, we offer support between sessions – Here if you need us!

Gun Dog training in wigan

Easy Peasy - Puppy training Wigan and Chorley



As a qualified EPPS instructor (IMDT course), our courses can be offered as a group puppy training class or on a 121 basis. (For puppies up to 1yr)

We will work through effective puppy exercises as well as introducing you to many new and exciting activities that should be part of a new puppy and owners education

Puppy Training

Puppy circuits

  • Building reliable second nature foundation behaviours
  • Effective puppy play and socialisation
  • Intro to tracking and scentwork (On our 8 week course)
  • Confidence building
  • Personality types 
  • Bespoke exercises for bespoke characters.
  • Feeding, toileting, mouthing and biting, sleeping, go to life skills, home alone protocols, and preparation for the drift into adolescence

Easy Peasy Puppy Course ran by the IMDT



One to One dog Training in Wigan and Chorley

Great for real world training opportunities. We can design a customised training plan to address individual challenges.

Undivided attention which allows us to identify subtle quirks in behaviours and look at why things might be happening.

See faster progress with a plan designed for the individual dog. Work without the distraction of other class members and build confidence at your dogs own pace

We offer both 121 courses and 121 sessions for specific issues ie recall, loose lead walking, reactivity, confidence building, behavioural issues, separation anxiety, resource guarding, home alone training, rescue dog support, improving dog and human connection, tricks, obedience, visitor protocols, good manners, barking, pet gundog, predation substitute training and much more.

121 courses are great for – pups that are not yet vaccinated but want to put the best paw forwards early – dogs that do not like other dogs or require the extra individual support – Real world training in a variety of environments.

One to One Gun Dog Training

if you are a dog training client of ours, we offer support between sessions – Here if you need us!

Preparing for Your new puppy

Are you getting a puppy? Are you a modern dog parent?

We can help you prepare –

  • How to pick a breeder.
  • What equipment do you need.
  • Introducing the new pup into the family including existing pets and children
  • Set up with in your home.

Preparing for Toileting, Sleep hygiene and routines, feeding, puppy mouthing and biting, sleeping, go to life skills and home alone protocols, 

we also offer private puppy training in Wigan and greater Manchester on a 121  basis for pups waiting for vaccination or puppy training classes in Wigan in a group once vaccinated.

if you are a puppy training client of ours, we offer support between sessions – Here if you need us!


Our work shops are updated regularly and may include –

  • Predation substitute games for high drive dogs
  • fun gun dog / pet gundog
  • loose lead walking or recall
  • Scent work masterclass
Dog training workshops

Puppy Socialisation and Training Walks- Haigh Hall, Wigan


Suitable for fully vaccinated pups up to 6 months. 

Follow a training treasure map, learn about your pups body language, socialise and make new friends and discuss common puppy problems enroute on a unique and fun adventure!

Fun Gun Dog - Wigan and Chorley

Are you looking for a fun gundog class in Wigan or Chorley? Based on the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) Petdog gundog course we only use reward based training. Suitable for all breeds and all owners. can be done as 121 or group activity.

Fun Gundog training can help with many common dog training issues.- Recall, Engagement, Lead walking, Jumping up, Stealing items and chilling out in public.

we teach


  • foundations
  • Whistle skills (Stop, Hunt and Recall)
  • Retrieving (‘Go Getters’ training)
  • Searching (‘Happy Seekers’ training)
  • Directions (Send away, Platform training, Directions to target ect)

if you are a puppy training client of ours, we offer support between sessions – Here if you need us!

High prey drive? Predation Substitute Training!

Does your dog go deaf when he catches a scent? Do you see his tail disappear into the woods at the sight of a deer…..are you getting dragged across a path by the barky end of the lead at the sight of a squirrel? Does your dog lack focus or not recall in challenging environments? Lets us help you and your dog go hunting together with behaviour modification training for dogs that love to chase.

  • Management and prevention promoting calmness around wildlife.
  • Predation substitute tools – tools to maintain safety whilst providing your dog with a feel good factor
  • Predation substitute games – Provide a safe outlet for your dogs natural predatory behaviour
  • Emergency cues 

Getting Started

Get in touch to discuss the best training option for your dog. 

We require an initial assessment ahead of 121 training sessions – This allows us to plan an appropriate so book in for a free 15 min call today.

Dog training assessment IMDT Positive dog training
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