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aBOUT Haigh Hounds - reward based Puppy and dog trainer in Wigan

Hi! I’m Emily – Certified dog trainer  DTC-CDT, Qualified IMDT Easy Peasy Puppy instructor and WSDA scentwork instructor covering Wigan and the north west – We believe training doesn’t have to feel like training to get the results you are looking for!

We do not offer a quick fix. We offer effective modern training for modern dog parents – we adhere to a strict code of ethics. We are committed to working with you and your dog using positive modern dog training methods to help you live a happier life together. We put emphesis on building a strong connection between you and your dog at every development stage

We look at the underlying issues behind the behaviours we are seeing. For example – Why is your dog pulling on the lead? Training may not work if we don’t resolve the underlying anxiety or high arousal levels. We look at ensuring your dogs basic needs are being met as a lot of unwanted behaviours can stem from this point.

After 22 yrs working as a Nurse in the NHS I realised my happy place is outdoors with dogs, covered in mud, paw prints, dog drool and dog hair!…..however…..as a nurse I was a ‘fixer’. I wanted to help and make things better and that’s how I feel about working with dogs and their humans. This is where my plan to become a dog trainer and dog behaviourist developed.

I have never not owned a dog. I have been where you are now. From Border Collies, Retrievers, Spaniels and Setters and loved them all for their individual quirks and right amount of crazy!  – After owning high drive dogs i discovered Predation Substitute Training (Motivation based and need-orientated training), fun pet dog gundog and Scent detection / Nose work – areas that I love to incorporate into my classes and 1:1 training sessions after seeing the benefits of both with my own dogs. 

keeping up to date  in our methods is important and keeping things fun, reward based and emotion centred   – I have studies with the institute of modern dog trainers IMDT and many other education providers promoting modern force free methods.  Current studies include Advance Canine Behaviour with the International School of Canine Psychology and Behaviour (ISCP) and am on track to take my CBATI-KA assessment as a canine behaviour adjustment trainer. In person seminars and practical training with specialist dog trainers and canine behaviourists. 

We believe that training isn’t a one size fits all process and tailor training to the individual.


I am fully insured, DBS checked, and my Canine first aid is updated every 3 years.

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